SECRET PROJECT #3 - The Power of Negative Thinking + Catching up with Attila...

This week we'll talk with artist Pat Loika and letterer Thomas Mauer of THE POWER OF NEGATIVE THINKING, the 3rd installment of SECRET PROJECT. TPONT will premiere on www.secretprojectcomic.com on Monday February 8th !

MARY E BRICKTHROWER: How long have you been reading comics?
PAT LOIKA: I've been into comics for about 20 years, and Transformers and GI Joe were my gateway books.

THOMAS MAUER: While I read comics as a kid, there were long stretches in my teens and early 20s where I didn't even think about print comics. Web comics was where it was at and I followed tons of them.

It was around 2002 and Marvel's silent issue month that I started getting interested in the print medium again. Mainly, I read Star Wars comics though. It wasn't until 2004 that I started reading comics in earnest, not discriminating between genres. There are so many good stories out there, I couldn't imagine limiting myself to just one type of genre or storytelling.

MEB: Conversely, when did you decide to become an artist / creator?
TM: Toward the end of 2004, I had a few ideas for short stories and approached Noble Larimer and Ronin Studios about them. This led to editing a short World War II anthology. I couldn't find a letterer for my own stories and decided to give it a try. Lettering turned out to be fun, and shortly after Rich Johnston and X-Force's Chris Yost approached me about lettering their respective comics. It was a great challenge to improve my skills, and since they offered to pay me, you can blame them for leading me down the dark path of comic creation.

PL: I've always been into drawing, even before I discovered comics. I think I was 15 when I realized that I'd really, really love to draw comics...regardless of the pay.

MEB: How did you become involved with SECRET PROJECT?
PL: I frequented Mike Oeming's board, and I saw the open invitation to submit entries for Secret Project, and signed up. I paired up with writer Thommy Melanson and we worked on our story.

TM: Thommy and I have been working on short stories since 2005, so when he asked if I'd letter his story (drawn by Pat to boot--one of my favorite people in comics), I was on board.

MEB: What else are you working on right now?
TM: Right now I'm working on the web comics http://www.contropussy.com and http://wwww.gunsofshadowvalley.com as well as Dark Horse's upcoming NUMBER 13 mini series, the second volume of Image's OUTLAW TERRITORY, Image's BAD DOG, SULLIVAN'S SLUGGERS and SHUDDERTOWN, Atomic Pop Art's OCTOBRIANA, Disney's SHRINK, Archaia's AWAKENING, Desperado's STORM DAMAGE by Phil Hester, and a whole lot of other books.

Stuff that's already in stores includes Oni Press' LOVE BUZZ by Len Wallace, Dark Horse's RAPTURE by Mike Oeming and Taki Soma (the trade collection is in stores soon), Image's KILLER OF DEMONS by Chris Yost and Scott Wegener, all volumes of the POPGUN anthology (volume 4 is in stores February 24, 2010), STARSHIP TROOPERS, THE BOY WHO MADE SILENCE, and tons more.

It might be best to follow this link for a comprehensive overview:


PL: I just finished up a 112 page graphic novel with writer Adam Witt. It's called Blacklisted, and it will debut at the Emerald City Comicon in March. I'm working on finishing up the first storyarc of The Villain with writer Steve Earnhart, and I'm working on a few other short stories.

MB: Thanks guys ! Best of luck to both of you !
Also I recently spoke with Attila Adorjany and caught up with him and what's he's been working on:
ATTILA: Hope all's well and the New Year is getting off to a good start! I've recently re-launched my website with several focused galleries.
Here is the link: http://www.600poundgorilla.com

In addition I've been working on a Graphic Novel that I am
posting on the web as I complete pages.

MEB: Awesome Attila ! Thanks!
~Till next time Kittlings!

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