SECRET PROJECT #11 - Thirty Thousand Feet w/Michael Woods + David Miller

Welcome to the last SECRET PROJECT interview as THIRTY THOUSAND FEET is the final story in our anthology. It's been a long hard road but we have produced (what I think to be) an amazing collection of stories from some of the most talented message boardies I've even known! Many thanks to Mike Oeming and his Jinxworld forum for bringing us all together.

My final interview is with Michael Woods (writer of SP#11 in addition to being an editor I really look up to!) and David Miller, artist of THIRTY THOUSAND FEET. Please enjoy !
Mary E. Brickthrower: How long have you been reading comics?

David Miller: Well the first comics I read were Disney's The Fox and The Hound. 3 of them came in a pack and I was around 6 or 7 years old. I'm not sure I them more than looked at them. I was heavily into X-men, Spawn, Cerebus and Madman through highschool. Lately I read the spectrum of comics, there's so many good ones. I'm always there for Walking Dead, 100 Bullets and DMZ.

Michael Woods: Since I was old enough to walk down to the corner 7-11 on my own. Mostly war comics like The Nam and Semper Fi and that was probably because my father was in the Army reserves when I was a kid. I looked up to him quite a bit and still do, truth be told.

MEB: When did you decide to become an artist?

DM: I've always been drawing stuff ever since I can remember. Always been the artist kid in class. I had never considered to persue comics until Herbe Trimpe came to school in the 6th grade to lecture. On an overhead projector he showed us some of the published Hulk and GI Joe pages he'd done. Then he drew some faces of Hulk, Wolverine and Thor. It was a good day. Later my father send me to "college for Kids" with Paul Abrams teaching the ropes of comics. More good times.

MEB: What about you Michael? When did you decide to work in comics?

MW: I think it was in high school that I made the conscious decision to be a writer. Before that and as far back as I can remember, I'd been making up stories when playing with my toys and while drawing whatever bit of crazy I could imagine. It's just a part of who I am, I guess.

MEB: How did you become involved with SECRET PROJECT?

DM: First time I've heard I was a part of it! But I guess Mike's been hard at work behind the scenes- Good to know. I met Mike on the Digital Webbing forum talent search. Thirty Thousand Feet was an eight pager we did some time back. That led us to one of the stories in his OUTLAW TERRITORY anthology GUTSHOT. It was a descriptive script with dialogue that was still being written. I look foreward to see how it turned out.

MW: Who can remember? I was probably drunk at the time.

MEB: What else are you working on right now?

DM: About five things that I can think of in the works right now:
WICKED is written by Orlando Harding about an Angel and a Demon having Apple Martini's and sharing stories. They're jobs come face to face at the end of the book. It'll be around 70 pages. I'm on 48 now. The colors that Paul Little are doing are amazeing!
MONARCHY is written by Mandy McMurry with digital paints by the artist Oracle. I got the script the other day and I've thumbed out 10 pages. It's still really early - probably to even mention. But I like how the story is unfolding and I always enjoy Mandy's work. She's goooooood.
CARBIDE SOFTWARE will be luanching soon started by a friend since childhood. It's a new company that makes game apps for the BlackBerry. I've supplied the art for 2 games. One is in the can and the other I'm halfway through. I make the art and he codes the game. He's insane good at this stuff and I'm very excited to see how people react to them.
DINNER I will be eating and digesting in the very near future. Chinese home delivery - my favorite.

MW: Well, Outlaw Territory volume two is finally ready for solicitation. I also have a graphic novel on the way called Bruised Peach (Image) with artist Dan Duncan. I also have a story going up on Act-I-Vate soon with artist Eduardo Mederos and next year will see a new book I'm working on with Tim Kane that should be pretty awesome.

I probably forgot something, but chances are people stopped listening to me after question #2.

MEB: Thanks so much guys!!
(From Top: Photo 1 : David Miller, Photo 2: Art from Thirty Thousand Feet, Photo 3: Michael Woods)
~Till Next Time Kittlings!