Yelp Review - Brave New Worlds

A comic shop review - yay!! After these guys helped me with my newest THE WALKING DEAD obsession this past week I knew I needed to post about them on Yelp.

4 star rating

My pals Mike Oeming and Bryan Glass (creators of the comic MICE TEMPLAR) signed here and I came in to visit them during that event a few years ago. The staff suggested drinks at one of my fave bars, Sugar Moms, after the signing and I knew I had found my new LCS.

Always helpful staff, they will help you find the book you're looking for and not at all pretentious like some other comic shops can be. A great selection of comics (indie and mainstream), graphic novels and collectibles. They have some DARTH MAUL swag that I've never seen which is no small feat as I have a pretty healthy obsession with this particular STAR WARS villain.

They also have a book club which is basically like a frequent buyer card w/o carrying around a card. Spend a certain amount of money and you get store credit. Simple and sweet!


My Thanksgiving Menu 2010

I have yet to attempt a huge Thanksgiving Dinner with the family and instead I like to cook for just 1 or 2 people, usually just the boyfriend of course! But we have a nice time relaxing and cooking all day. Here is the menu I have decided upon for Thxgiving 2010:

~ Apps ~
Shrimp Dip recipe (From Family Circle, recipe not available on web site)
Chips + Dip (a simple bu
t classic app, we usually never have chips let alone dip so it's a treat)
Cocktail Weenies!

~ Veggies / Fruit ~
Brussels Sprouts with haricort verts and Bacon (Recipe from Family Circle ====> here)
Mustard + Cranberry Relish (From last year's Bon Appetit; Sean and I really liked this dish so we're doing it again. You can find the recipe ====> here)

~ Starch ~
Sean's roasted garlic mashed potatoes (a tried and true recipe for amazing potatoes!)

~ Bread ~
Grand's layers
Stovetop Stuffing
(both require little preparation leaving me more time for the...)

~ Turkey ~
8-12 lb fresh turkey from Fair Food Farmstand, courtesy of Koch Farms in Tamaqua - Sean will be picking up our turkey the day before Thanksgiving. I am going to be using a combination of Ina Garten's Perfect Roast Turkey Recipe and a herbed butter coating for the outside which I adapated from a recipe my sister Shacky shared with me. I've made this same turkey the past 2 Thanksgivings and really have no desire to change it. Basically b/c it's really really tasty!

~ Dessert ~
Turtle Pumpkin Pie (from the Kraft.com website - my friend Dan Berger recommended this non-bake / non-mechanical blender recipe which you can find ====> here
The dessert, veggies, and shrimp dip are new recipes but making the dessert and shrimp dip the night before means I can concentrate on the turkey and brussels sprouts on the "Big Day," while also leisurely making the cranberry relish and letting Sean concentrate on the mashed potatoes. I want a low stress day whilst simultaneously preparing a mini-feast for the 2 of us. We will have THE ICE STORM on at some point during the day as it's one of my personal traditions. Can you tell I'm excited?


Yelp Review - Friday Saturday Sunday

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Mary B.

Pop Culture + Comic Book Blogger, Foodie, Phillies fan

Philadelphia, PA

4 star rating

I just took my girlfriend here for her birthday this past Saturday and I must say it was a great dining experience. I made reservations a few days before and took it as a good sign that the only times available were 5:30 + 9:30 pm. We opted for the former and were the first to arrive when they opened.

I loved the seating they provided to us; we were in a nice little nook in the back on a catercorner bench. The low lighting and ambiance was just spot-on. It seems like a great place for couples, very romantic.

I did not peruse the menu online beforehand per my usual M.O., but I did read some reviews right here on Yelp. I had the mushroom soup b/c I read so many reviews that recommended it. I am not usually a mushroom soup person but this was pretty good. I really loved my entrée which was the crab cakes. My friend got the Chicken Dijon, the small plates portion which turned out to be the perfect size for a no leftovers dinner. I tried her chicken and was blown away by the taste but my crab cakes with the spicy remolaude was just as good.

The check was on the pricey side but I would consider it well worth it for the overall package. Friday Saturday Sunday will be added to my list of "special occasion" restaurants alongside Butcher + Singer and Bistrot La Minette.


Yelp Review - Quince Fine Foods

I am going to try something new and start posting my Yelp reviews as I write them. My blossoming food obsession over the past few years has been sharing more and more of my time with my (still) healthy pop culture interest. Hope you enjoy :
QUINCE FINE FOODS - 209 W Girard Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19123
(215) 232-3425

Photo of Mary B.



Mary B.

Pop Culture + Comic Book Blogger, Foodie, Phillies fan

Philadelphia, PA

5 star rating

I wish I knew about this place sooner but glad we found it only a few months into moving back to Philly. We were in search of soup and didn't want to drive over to Center City for DiBruno Bros so the Yelp search app suggested this place, right near our apt to boot! The owner was super nice, we got the 7 Herbed Chicken soup which comes with a roll. The selection of cheeses was so tempting, believe me when I say it is good to know that Cambozola is available only a few blocks from my house!

The soup was absolutely lovely and made it much easier to watch NO RESERVATIONS that evening; I felt like the food I was eating was better than the food Bourdain was touting on his show!

I will be happy to support this small shop in the future and if you're in the No-Libs / Girard area then you should too !


~Till Next Time Kittlings!