The Thursday Night Threak-OUT!

So this week I read Burying Sandwiches (story and illustrations by Rob Sato, text written and edited by Rob Sato and Elle Veven). Goddard recommended it - obviously because of its "goth" sensibility. Black and white, factor in lack of food and little black creatures running around and hell! You've got a comic and Goth would love.

Yes, I often describe myself as a "Business Goth." I go to goth clubs to dance (but not exclusively as Josh Wink is my favorite DJ besides Drum and Bass master DJ Dieselboy), my attire is mostly black, grey and red. I like Living Dead Dolls and "dark things" - ok fine - I'm a goth. But Burying Sandwiches would appeal to anyone not just the funny goth crowd like me. Anyone sick of fitting in, anyone sick of normalcy in the very root of the word.

The story follows poor little Janice as she doesn't understand nor agree with eating. Her view is shown so beautifully in its most grotesque. Does anyone remember Angela from My So Called Life talking about eating? Chewing; how the very act is obscene and insane that it's some thing we do in public? This short little graphic novel reminded me of this. I was both empathetic to Janice's plight but also curious. NO FOOD SATIATED HER? The girl becomes a world-class cook, studying and preening to be make the most amazing food imaginable. And none of it is appealing to her. Except of course the black little beasties that she craves more than anything. Want more explanation? Read the delightful Burying Sandwiches and be happy that you enjoy even the simplest pleasures of fast food like McDonalds French Fries or the most heightened delicacy such as beluga caviar.

RUSH HOUR 3 = ? was anyone asking for this? Don't get me wrong, I was quite a fan of the 1st movie. But the 2nd movie was utterly forgettable and this movie just doesn't look fit for even the biggest Chris Tucker or Jackie Chan fan. WTF I say!? WTF?

And finally, this would be Bar Comic #1 and #2, courtesy of Goddard and I this week. Blame it on the beer, blame it on the need for me to do something other than a crossword. Dammit though, I love to create in the comic form - even if my art is awful. I have an artistic boy behind me - we do panel by panel works of "art?" I usually start, he finishes - that sounds kinky. Enjoy kids.=)

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Till Next Time Kittlings~

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