The FUZZ hath Forsaken Me...

I jumped the gun with my Hell's Kitchen finale coverage, as tonight is the actual throw-down that will determine the winner. Last week's episode showed Rock and Bonnie sharing time with their families, visiting Vegas and being judged on their "signature" dish. Bonnie took the win on that one and so her prize was to have 1st pick on her Sous Chef for the big night in the kitchen. Several alumni from this season returned and it was really no surprise when Bonnie picked Jen straight outta the box. She also chose Melissa, a surprising pick over Julia, except for the fact that Julia was breaking down and crying every few seconds due to the fact that she was feeling let-down by not being in the final 2. Julia is Bonnie's final pick. Rock takes all the men (Brad, Vinnie and Josh - in that order) and we're geared up for menu-to-menu for the final episode of this intense show.

Did you know that Mr. Ramsay was sued for his Kitchen Nightmares show and the supposed fabrication of scenes by restaranter Martin Hyde. The NY TIMES has reported that the case has been thrown out of court but will now go into arbirtration. Read the full story here ==> http://www.nypost.com/seven/08102007/news/regionalnews/tv_chef_out_of_frying_pan_regionalnews_kati_cornell.htm
I was ecstatic when my copy of Hot Fuzz finally came from Netflix this past Saturday. I was bored by the end of the film. VERY bored. What a shame too - as I've been Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright fans since their Britcom Spaced, co-created with Jessica Stevenson. Seriously my favorite Sitcom that is not comedy troupe related. Despite the plethora of cameos, the laugh-out-loud scenes are few and far between and the ending seems to take forever to actually come to an end. The outtakes are brilliant however.

The movie I did watch this weekend and was fully surprised at how interesting, funny, and sweet it was was Stranger Than Fiction. The story follows Howard Crick (Will Ferrell) through his daily life, until he (and the viewer) discovers that he is a character being written about by Karen Eiffel (EmmaThompson) - a famous author renowned for killing off her main characters. I was in a weepy mood so I was bawling by the end. But it was such a lovely little tale, and Dustin Hoffman really shines. While Will Ferrell can be a bit too "Will Ferrell" at times, he becomes rather convinceable by the end. This was certainly not the film I was expecting to be recommending to people as I thought Hot Fuzz was a sure thing; but here I am kittlings, telling you to bump up Stranger Than Fiction on your Netflix list and forget about the Fuzz.
Till Next Time Kittlings~


Anonymous said...
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Jared said...

Rock had to win. Bonnie is nice and all, but she had no controll over her kitchen. And Julie all but admitted to sabotaging her. And to be honest, if Rock DID win the last challenge and his crew was Jen, Brad, and Vinnie it wouldn't have even been remotely close. His kitchen would've blown Bonnie's away.
Also, over the weekend I watched the HK season 1 marathon on Fox Reality, that was a much closer finale than this year's.

As for Hot Fuzz, I think that your mileage will vary based on how many crappy action movies you know and are familiar with. I (unfortunately) know quite a few so I found the movie hillarious, but it is definatly an accquired taste, just as much as Shaun was. If you know next to nothing about zed-word movies, then Shaun could seem to drag after a while. I just happened to love both Shaun and Fuzz.

Mary E. Brickthrower said...

Thanks Jared - you're probably right that b/c my action movie reportoire is limited, I am limited in how much I will enjoy this film.

SPACED however was great in that I got most all the jokes. Well said JARED. :)