Random Notes

Things I’ve been watching this week:
Palm Pictures The Directors Label Box Set, because this collection of music videos is brilliant. My favorite is probably Jonathan Glazer’s which touts not only Radiohead’sStreet Spirit” but UNKLE’s “Rabbit in the Headlights” AND Massive Attack’s “Karmacoma.” His style goes from intense color to stark black and white with ease. In my opinion, the perfect video collection - and a must have for your next party. There are more videos, but also probably the shortest amount available with the set. But every single video is a gem.

I also started Pan’s Labryinth but fell asleep and have yet to put it back in the DVD player. The Office (British Edition) also found its way into the PS2.

As I write this I’m watching Top Chef and that jerk Hung just broke down some chickens like its his job. Which of course, it is.

Things I’ve missed this week:
Rock of Love…sigh…what does it hurt?
And I’m kinda sad that I have only 2 shows that I’m following religiously and I missed the skankier of them.

Things I’ve been reading this week:
Sandman: The Kindly Ones

Web sites occupying way too much of my time:
Warren Ellis’ Club of Mars on Ning.com. I hate that bastard sometimes for his ability to make us gather; “us” being the loyal [Bad Signal] and Internet Jesus followers. But it’s a fun little site to play with so far.

~Till Next Time Kittlings. (sorry this is a short one - busy week at the real job)

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