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Mary B.

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4 star rating

I just took my girlfriend here for her birthday this past Saturday and I must say it was a great dining experience. I made reservations a few days before and took it as a good sign that the only times available were 5:30 + 9:30 pm. We opted for the former and were the first to arrive when they opened.

I loved the seating they provided to us; we were in a nice little nook in the back on a catercorner bench. The low lighting and ambiance was just spot-on. It seems like a great place for couples, very romantic.

I did not peruse the menu online beforehand per my usual M.O., but I did read some reviews right here on Yelp. I had the mushroom soup b/c I read so many reviews that recommended it. I am not usually a mushroom soup person but this was pretty good. I really loved my entrée which was the crab cakes. My friend got the Chicken Dijon, the small plates portion which turned out to be the perfect size for a no leftovers dinner. I tried her chicken and was blown away by the taste but my crab cakes with the spicy remolaude was just as good.

The check was on the pricey side but I would consider it well worth it for the overall package. Friday Saturday Sunday will be added to my list of "special occasion" restaurants alongside Butcher + Singer and Bistrot La Minette.

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