My Thanksgiving Menu 2010

I have yet to attempt a huge Thanksgiving Dinner with the family and instead I like to cook for just 1 or 2 people, usually just the boyfriend of course! But we have a nice time relaxing and cooking all day. Here is the menu I have decided upon for Thxgiving 2010:

~ Apps ~
Shrimp Dip recipe (From Family Circle, recipe not available on web site)
Chips + Dip (a simple bu
t classic app, we usually never have chips let alone dip so it's a treat)
Cocktail Weenies!

~ Veggies / Fruit ~
Brussels Sprouts with haricort verts and Bacon (Recipe from Family Circle ====> here)
Mustard + Cranberry Relish (From last year's Bon Appetit; Sean and I really liked this dish so we're doing it again. You can find the recipe ====> here)

~ Starch ~
Sean's roasted garlic mashed potatoes (a tried and true recipe for amazing potatoes!)

~ Bread ~
Grand's layers
Stovetop Stuffing
(both require little preparation leaving me more time for the...)

~ Turkey ~
8-12 lb fresh turkey from Fair Food Farmstand, courtesy of Koch Farms in Tamaqua - Sean will be picking up our turkey the day before Thanksgiving. I am going to be using a combination of Ina Garten's Perfect Roast Turkey Recipe and a herbed butter coating for the outside which I adapated from a recipe my sister Shacky shared with me. I've made this same turkey the past 2 Thanksgivings and really have no desire to change it. Basically b/c it's really really tasty!

~ Dessert ~
Turtle Pumpkin Pie (from the Kraft.com website - my friend Dan Berger recommended this non-bake / non-mechanical blender recipe which you can find ====> here
The dessert, veggies, and shrimp dip are new recipes but making the dessert and shrimp dip the night before means I can concentrate on the turkey and brussels sprouts on the "Big Day," while also leisurely making the cranberry relish and letting Sean concentrate on the mashed potatoes. I want a low stress day whilst simultaneously preparing a mini-feast for the 2 of us. We will have THE ICE STORM on at some point during the day as it's one of my personal traditions. Can you tell I'm excited?

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