Yelp Review - Brave New Worlds

A comic shop review - yay!! After these guys helped me with my newest THE WALKING DEAD obsession this past week I knew I needed to post about them on Yelp.

4 star rating

My pals Mike Oeming and Bryan Glass (creators of the comic MICE TEMPLAR) signed here and I came in to visit them during that event a few years ago. The staff suggested drinks at one of my fave bars, Sugar Moms, after the signing and I knew I had found my new LCS.

Always helpful staff, they will help you find the book you're looking for and not at all pretentious like some other comic shops can be. A great selection of comics (indie and mainstream), graphic novels and collectibles. They have some DARTH MAUL swag that I've never seen which is no small feat as I have a pretty healthy obsession with this particular STAR WARS villain.

They also have a book club which is basically like a frequent buyer card w/o carrying around a card. Spend a certain amount of money and you get store credit. Simple and sweet!

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