Knight Mice and Lawn Chairs.

This, from MIKE OEMING's Newsletter:

Solicitations are out for September and Mice Templar is finally ready for order! We were treated very well by Image and Diamond...See pages 6, 19, 145, 146 and 147

The order number is JUL071921.
Help us out the best you can by pre-ordering the book, at least make sure you get your retailer to! We really need your support on this one to make it work, its an on-going series so if its going to be on-going, we need that fan base to grow! Thank you guys so much for all the support!

The next two years or so are all about Powers and Mice Templar!

MICE TEMPLAR SHIRTS :Mice Templar : CafePress.com



Hello Zombie lovers, one and all!

Here is a link to our First Annual Founding Fathers Zombie Walk flyer, which happens next Tuesday, July 3rd. Zombies meet at Ben Franklin's grave, 5th and Arch, 8PM, and work their way to Liberty Lands Park in Northern Liberties, for a free screening or HORROR OF PARTY BEACH aka Invasion Of The Zombies... on 16mm!

Please do forward this to friends... the more the scarier!
The Constitution say that our government guarantees all Zombies the right to peaceably assemble and petition the government for their brains and then eat them... or something to that effect!

Above is just for Filthadelphia Natives and the surrounding areas, but this is now the 3rd (correct me if I'm wrong) Zombie-related event here in Philly - believe me when I say I am proud of our Zombie population!!!

Now, can someone loan me a lawn chair?? Happy Independence Day!

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