Harry Potter and the 37 different Spoilers

So I caved. Apparently the real Epilogue of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is online, and I kinda scanned it. Several things about the pages looked real, but the end to the story itself hardly makes sense. It just seemed…too easy if you catch my gist. I also had my sister do some recon and reveal to me who will be killed off. After all, I have to believe its how you get to the end of the book – not that actual outcome. Word on the street is there are 37 different spoiler endings available online at this point in time, so here's hoping anything I read was a complete lie.

I’m more interested to see Harry’s search for horcruxes, etc. Either way, I’ve failed at keeping the spoilers from mine eyes and ears. I really do believe that even if I managed to keep away from the interwebs until I obtained the book, I would still have looked through the book once it was in my possession. That’s just the way I am. I always skip ahead comics and novels. Sometimes it can’t be helped.

What the heck Sandman?
As I continue with the Sandman series, I was halted for quite a while on a particularly lame story, in “Cluracan’s Tale”. Sorry Neil [Gaiman], but this story is almost painful to read. The other tales flow together so well it is almost criminal to be stopped dead in my tracks with this boring issue. And maybe it’s just me but every time we’re in the Faerie realm I feel like I’m reading about A Midsummer’s Night Dreamthe New Class or something. My favorite part of this story was the “Frame” story outside of this one, where Cluracan (the character the story is named after) is interrogated by the other patrons of the “The Inn at the End of the World” regarding his yarn, as they also seem disgruntled by his tale. I was glad to finish this issue and continue with “Hobs Leviathan” which is a bloody amazing story so far, quite possibly my 2nd favorite issue so far (after “24” in the 1st trade).

If you’re in NEW YORK or the outlying areas, you might want to check out this show:

Americans UK will be rockin’ out @ 9pm, I chatted a bit with JEF UK and he gave me some info on his band and the show: “Americans UK will be taking over the Hot Rocks Party @ the Delancey Lounge on the Lower East Side. $5 admission! Two for one wells until 8:30 and free PBR at midnight! Other bands include THE ART OF SHOOTING, and GOLD STREETS. DJ's will be spinning '50's and '60's twist-and-rock-o-rama between sets. We play fast-paced, danceable punk and garage. Here is live footage of us so you can see just how much we don't suck: http://youtube.com/watch?v=K0HW-vzN4_4 "

Check them out, and get your arse up there if you’re in the area. I try to get up to NYC at least once a month and July’s trip is centered around this show. Can’t wait!

And if you're going to POTTER PARTIES on Friday, would love to hear about them. I'll be getting the book Saturday and reading through the weekend. Enjoy the weekend kittlings!

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