Bordello of the Punk Variety

It was a typical Thursday evening, or as typical as my evenings had become with my (then) new beau Goddard. We had attended dinner with the cast of MURDERERS and had retired to my abode for some continued drinking and downtime. Music videos ON DEMAND is a hobby of mine as I have discovered some of my favorite bands (THE FAINT for one) from the various video channels provided. I had already gone through my standards as of late (PEEPING TOM and 30 SECONDS TO MARS), and was perusing the menus for something new and interesting when Goddard rather non-chalantly requested I play GOGOL BORDELLO’s “Not a Crime.” This band was not even a blip on my radar but it was as if I was a lowly human and Prometheus just offered me fire. Within one minute I knew I needed to hear every stitch of music this group ever produced.

They were debauched and bohemian in a frenetic sense; it was if I had stumbled upon a hole in the wall bar in Romany with the local house band playing their most popular drinking song to a loving crowd. The energy, even over the TV screen was intense.

The Wikipedia entry describes GOGOL as “gypsy punk” and it seems like a fitting label as GOGOL’s 3rd album is entitled “Gypsy Punks.” The group consists of many members, with the majority claiming Easter European descent-a heritage that is extremely apparent in their musical style and influence. Touting both an accordian and fiddle player combined with raunchy acoustic guitars, the sound is both cabaret classic and modern punk choppy in the most delightful way. The music and lyrics so inspiring that the same day my “go-to music pal” Stefan heard them for the first time he threatened to start his own Slavic punk band. (((Update on that – Go-To Music Pal got a guitar for Christmas and is still not in and sort of band))). =)

Since that fateful Autumn evening when the BORDELLO made its mark on me, I have seen them twice in concert and maintain it is perhaps the best live show I’ve ever seen (I still hold a special place in my heart for KAISER CHIEFS that totally rocked my socks off). One of the most interesting little tid-bits I have since learned about the band is that the **lead singer** is also the actor in EVERYTHING IS ILLUMINATED. Clean-shaven, sans porno-moustache, and playing a foreigner obsessed with hip-hop and Michael Jackson. The major players in the band actually make a cameo…add to the juicy gossip that you have the Bass drum hot gal dating (Married to?) lead singer and you’ve got yourself one interesting band musically and otherwise.

Be sure to check out “gypsy punks” and enjoy these couple videos taken from their most recent show at the Trocadero in Philadelphia. Video by Stefan; shakiness courtesy of rockin’ crowd.

My pal Dave Johnson asked me to promote their DRINK AND DRAW Charity event during SDCC, but alas, it was Thursday and I’m a little late this week with my column. Sorry Reverend!!! But you can always check out Drink and Draw’s Social Club myspace page, as well as their collected art available in book form. Includes a foreword by yours truly!
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Till next time kittlings. Monday will FINALLY reveal my final thoughts on the series that made a grown woman cry—HARRY POTTER.

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