Bonnaroo Haiku and Wizard World Philadelphia Showdown.

In Regards to Bonnaroo---
While I did receive a few pics and words about Bonnaroo from MAURA, STEFAN slacked on the Haiku mission. I did receive these final two however :

from MAURA - 6/16
The dirt from my toes
working its way to my nose
I need a shower

MAURA - 6/17
You'll not feel the drown
Trippy Chocolate Water
American Campers

Here by far is my favorite submission from Maura; a picture with the caption "This is a guy..."


And in my neck of the woods, WIZARD WORLD PHILADELPHIA came in like a lion and out like a Liger - which is probably my favorite animal. While my convention news is few and far between, I can say with complete confidence :

-Joey Quesada has lost quite a few pounds and is looking great

-Mike Oeming beat David Mack in an arm wrestling match for charity

-Brian Michael Bendis is eerily accurate in his description of my boyfriend's (and Internet Famous Jacob Lyon Goddard's) personality

-Darick Robertson had to cancel. We missed you Dare!

-I didn't see Michael Turner nor talk to Jimmy Palmiotti and I regret both of these things.

-I am intrigued by GALACTUS.

-I met and got a picture with Hayden Panettiere from HEROES in the Marriott lobby. Even with huge platform heels on, I was taller than her. She is gorgeous. I'm sorry but I have a girl-crush on her. She smelled pretty. Here is the slightly blurry phone pic.
You can see more pictures at my PhotoBucket Account. Also a little photo thread going on over at Mike Oeming's Message Board, So CLICKETH HERE!
++++++end of transmission+++++++

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