Bonnaroo Begins...

Today is the 1st day of the 3 day music festival in Manchester, Tenn known as BONNAROO.

You couldn't pay me to camp out for 3 days with those jam-band lovin' hippies - but I would be lying if I said I wasn't jealous of all those peeps that get to spy headliner's THE POLICE in all their reunited glory.

I have sent 2 of the "Ze Wretched All-Stars" (that would be the elaborate name I've given my band of friends) to Manchester with the mission of writing me a Haiku every day of the festival to relay the most interesting parts. Although today is technically the beginning of Bonnaroo, my friends were down in Tennessee yesterday waiting for the gates to open. Here is what I received from them via text message :

6/13 From STEFAN -
Sun is shining bright
in the wal-mart parking lot
waiting to go in

From MAURA -
Stuck in Wal-mart
waiting for bonnaroo please
I just need some sleep.

More on Monday. For us East Coast Filthaelphia geeks, we've got a little Wizard World Philadelphia action going on. Enjoy the weekend kittlings.
++++++++end of transmission+++++++++

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