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Ron Garney has been a well-respected comic book artist for years, and I’ve had a bit of a crush on him for just about as long. If you’ve ever met him at a con, you know he’s personable and a bit crazy – especially when best friend Howard Porter is by his side. Garney has been working on Spider-man for some time, but coming soon he will be making the transition to Wolverine with new writer Jason Aaron. On top of that his illustrations earned him attention of Hollywood and the makers of I Am Legend as he was asked to design characters and costumes for the ghoulies that plague survivor (and super-star) Will Smith in the film. I decided to get some info on his movie work as well as his consistent and beautiful work in the comic book world.

Mary Brickthrower : I can’t deny it Ron, I’ve always thought of you as rugged and quite handsome. Is your facial hair still intact? Or are you trying to get rid of that “lumberjack of the comic book world” image?

Ron Garney : It is, it is....I didn't realize that was the image I had, but I wouldn't say I would get rid of it either, but I change up the shape once in a while...

MB : Oh if your image isn’t “lumberjack,” then allow me to be the first to push the trend!!! As for the facial hair, what’s your favorite “shape?”

RG : Lol --very slim goatee.

MB : You were at DC Comics for quite awhile. Was the split from them and the move to Marvel amicable? Would you ever consider working from them again?

RG : Sure it was amicable, those pricks. Just kidding. Yeah, I probably would [work with them again], if the right offer came along but right now, I'm happy where I am. Being back at Marvel has been a lot of fun, with guys like Axel [Alonso] and the creative teams I’ve been working with. Plus the characters are so damn cool....

MB : Every time I’ve been to Pitt-Con and hung out at the lobby bar, you and Howard Porter were always mixing it up, and seem to be the best of pals. Has his stay at DC and your move to Marvel made it hard for you guys to keep in touch?

RG : No Not at all—Howard’s the godfather of my son. We talk all the time, and still mix it up. We tend to feed off each others insanity...

MB : That’s good to hear. But back to comics…How has the transition from Spider-man to Wolverine? Are you happy with the change in characters?

RG : Yeah I am. Any chance I get to do Wolverine in his own book is fun. The transition has been great, as it’s a new writer with some new and different things to draw...Spider-man was so tied in to the whole Civil war thing.

MB : So your on I AM LEGEND work started as a couple costume designs and turned into some mad Garney-love from the movie’s producers. How did that come about?

RG : Well --just that they were looking for a guy with a certain look to the figures, and my name was mentioned. Then at some point and they contacted me. It started out as a small job but turned fairly large over the course of six months. Too late to make it into the credits though....

MB : No mention in the credits? Well, there is always the DVD release. What exactly did you end up doing for them? And is Will Smith just as nice as everyone says he is?

RG : Well I did about 45 illustrations of the creatures in their costumes. And yeah, Will seemed like a great guy. He came over on the set and shook my hand and welcomed me "to the team.” He was very friendly, and at the wrap party I got to talk with him and his wife (Jada Pinkett Smith) and introduced him to my wife, etc.

MB : Sweet! Rubbing elbows with the Hollywood elite must be pretty cool. And now you must forgive me, but I am not familiar with any creator-owned work you have done, past or present. Is this an endeavor you’ve ever pursued or just find yourself too busy with your exclusive Marvel gig to work on anything yourself?

RG : Exactly, I’ve always been so busy and life keeps happening, that I never get the chance, although I have a lot of ideas down on paper. Someday, although I’m no spring chicken in this biz so I better get cracking!!

MB : No “Spring Chicken” maybe, but I must say you’re still thriving as an amazing artist. One last question on par with a possible creator-owned work: Who is a writer/creator you would love to work with that you haven’t got a chance to work with yet?

RG : Clint Eastwood. Lol. It’s a dream I have.

MB : I would love to be a Positive Percy for ya Ron, but that is quite a dream you got there. Good luck though sir – and aim high! Thanks so much for taking some time to chat with me!

RG : You’re welcome, fair Mary.


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