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THE FOUNTAIN was just not my cuppa. While the story was at times intriguing, it was dull at others and I found myself stifling guffaws whenever a bald-capped Hugh Jackman came on the screen. Apparently the graphic novel is pretty cool so I'll have to check it out at some point.

I've started watching horror movies to commemorate Halloween with THE SHINING, DONNIE DARKO and OPEN WATER. THE SHINING is my fave movie, period. DONNIE DARKO is set during October and Halloween is a major plot point, and OPEN WATER is just a creepy movie that Goddard got on a discount. OPEN WATER is full of some really great shots, but for the most part is a so-so movie. All in all a good start to the spooky month of October. I also wrote a Halloween-related film quiz - do you dare take it? Then by all means click here - but be forewarned!! QUESTION# 5 SHOULD READ: 5) There is a little rhyme that creepy girl's sing in one of the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET movies. It begins: "One, Two Freddy's Comin' for you Three, Four..." WHAT IS THE NEXT LINE? Good luck - and feel free to share your scores in my comments!!!

The Rock of Love reunion show was pretty lame; more attention was paid to Lacey than anyone else really - it was all pretty silly. With the end of Rock of Love comes a new season of I Love New York, this time with more little people. As in 1 little person. Who got past the 1st cut.

Speaking of reunions, Top Chef's reunion show was last night, and I actually got so bored I turned it off half-way through. It was a lot of speculation and stiff answers. Yeah, pretty bored with the whole thing. America's Next Top Model had their ever-anticipated "makeover" show, which included hair getting completely shaved off and some major extensions for others. Victoria and Saleisha were in the bottom 2 this episode but it was Victoria that got the axe.
Mary Brickthrower met Hans Rickheit and told him he was creepy. I think I should be banned from Alternative comic cons. Perhaps not the best way to start a conversation. But get this - right next door was a celebration of German Americans, Bratwurst and Hacker Pschorr right next to a book show = GENIUS!
Call yourself a Terry Gilliam fan and never seen BRAZIL?? Shame on you!!! Actually...I'm just trying to pass the buck as I had not seen this film until last week. A hardcore FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS and casual BARON MUCHAUSEN fan, this should've been viewed by yours truly years ago. But kittlings, I fell short but now have redeemed myself.

BRAZIL has quite a cast of American and British actors, and is set in the dystopic future a la 1984. As Goddard accurately stated at the beginning of the movie (he had seen it before) - "this is a movie about bureaucracy." And BRAZIL most certainly is. A small document error turns into a matter of life or death amidst an avalanche of paperwork and "procedure." Jim Broadbent, Bob Hoskins, Ian Holm and Katherine Helmond all make appearances. But it is Jonathan Pryce's priceless (ha-ha!) role as Everyman Sam Lowry and rogue A/C repairman Robert DeNiro is bloody awesome. The acting is only overshadowed by Gilliam's only Phantasmagoric and uniform picture of the future.

BRAZIL's final scenes (of the cut I saw; it is common knowledge that there are several cuts of this film akin to BLADE RUNNER) is both beautiful and haunting. Goddard says that the movie resonates more with me as I'm a bureaucrat. My day job includes office politics, data entry and documentation. But I'm not sure if I can agree with Goddard's bold statement. Does this kind of movie not truly frighten everyone - or at least those with a strong conspiracy theorist vein in their blood?

I see Terry Gilliam as one of hte most prolific of the MONTY PYTHON comedy troupe. John Cleese had Fawlty Towers and bit parts (at least in America) here and there. Terry Jones has found his biggest success in the Pressed Fairie Books by the Froud's. Michael Palin (my favorite PYTHON) has continued his career in a rather different direction than comedy with broadcast travelogues and writing. I feel Eric Idle has suffered the worst fate, besides Graham Chapman who died of liver cancer. After THE RUTTLES, he has relived his Python fame over and over again. With his 2 stage shows (Eric Idle Exploits Monty Python and Spamalot), he has solidified his ability to not let go of the past. I say all this in nothing but bitterness: my ultimate dream has always been to see the PYTHON troupe to reunite. Ask my parents. I was obsessed.

Yet I digress. My point is that Gilliam seems to have transposed his eclectic animated vision to his films in such a perfect way. He is a director that is to be admired and studied. Yet another Criterion Edition I'm adding to my mental wish list: BRAZIL is a must-own. And to think that the biggest DeNiro fan I know hasn't seen this movie is absolute blasphemy.
~Till Next Time Kittlings.

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