Indiana Jones / We Want the Money Lebowski / Johnny Walker / Teh Return of 35mm Film

I have to preface this by saying thanks to Hunter for tipping me off to this pic - a little cast photo op from the upcoming INDIANA JONES film:

Be sure to make with the clicky to view the photo full-size. First of all, I have loved Karen Allen since I saw SCROOGED for the first time. She has what I would call a "winning smile." Harrison Ford is looking a little "old man skeleton-like" but other than that, Bravo! Shia Lebouf just looks like a hoodlum. I think that guy in the back is this Ray Winstone bloke. And of course - Steven Spielberg. Well anyway - cast is looking good and I'm getting psyched for this film!

One note - the title is entirely too long. INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL? This is obviously a new trend in Hollywood, following the long album and song titles from the likes of Fiona Apple (When the Pawn...ETC) and Panic! At the Disco ("I write sins not Tragedies"). Critically acclaimed
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford is the icing on the cake. Now that is a name!

Anyhow, my Hidden Robot Editor in Chief Mr. Daniel has thrown some interesting INDIANA tidbits my way but I'm still researching those. Stay tuned Kittlings.

As I type this column, my good friend and amazing artist Scott "Wegs" Wegener is chatting with me on AIM - taking a quick break from drawing Atomic Robo Volume 2 (or 5) to share some random news with me. Seems that he has recently been punished by his research into Atomic Robo's torrid past; Wegener is reading old war journals and real life accounts to understand the background for his character. When asked how tedious this work was, he simply replied "Actually it's quite a Marvelous situation to be in." Congrats on the so far success of AR Scott sir! Can't wait for issue #2 the 2nd week of November!
(Aside - Scott does not prefer to be called Wegs but does an amazing job tolerating it, once again showing what a wonderful human being this man is!)

I am typing this column from the privacy of my own apartment, where my cat lounges on our exceptionally comfortable futon (so sayeth 2 houseguests), and I sip on water and watch THE BIG LEBOWSKI for the 3rd time this week. It has become an obsession. Comic book writer M. Sean McManus is a hardcore fan as well so Goddard and I recently got him this book:

I'm a Lebowski, You're a Lebowski: Life, The Big Lebowski, and What Have You
by Bill Green (Author), Ben Peskoe (Author), Scott Shuffitt (Author), Will Russell (Author)

Sean was kind enough to relay the scoop about the book:::
Times like these call for a big Lebowski.

Sometimes there's a book that, well... that's the book for it's time and place. It fits right in there--and for the cult favorite, The Big Lebowski, the book that gleams like a
freshly waxed lane in Saddam Hussain's eyes is "I'm a Lebowski, you're a Lebowski" by Bill Green, Ben Peskoe, Scott Shuffitt, & Will Russell. Literally a "textbook" to Lebowski fandom, this thing is chock full of all sorts of new information you're just not privy too and stuff. This book helps you put your homework in the bag. They got interviews and all sorts of great little morsels that won't burn a hole in your shorts, but rather, gives you a smile of that only comes from the insider knowledge that really gets your Lebowski Geek on. You little achievers out there need this info, trust me. We all do, because let's face it-- at some point we all need to know exactly how many times fuck is mentioned in a movie. Sometimes we need to know the proper way to mix a Caucasian. Sometimes we need to know exactly which three real life people where combined to create the awesomeness that is Walter Sobchak. Who wouldn't be impressed when you know who the six other guys were in the Seattle Seven. I know the Dude sure as hell can't tell me, but thanks to this jem of a book I can tell him what size of jellies he wears. Tell me, does is scare you when I say the words "Sometimes you buy the book, sometimes he buys you"? I'm a Lebowski, You're a Lebowski is no ringer. It's the real deal. If you're not out of your league, then right now you be wondering where to find a cash machine in Pasadena. We can tell you where to go! Not only because we're just about as big a Lebowski geek as you, but we've got the book that ties it all together, and you don't. You + Book = Viking Bowling Goddess.

Hey, here's a little game for you-- count the number of cutesy Big Lebowski references I just might win tickets to Mary's dance recital. Then again, she might just pull the trigger until it goes click.


Last evening I attended "The Johnnie Walker Journey" with my good friend Loretta here in my fair city of Philadelphia. I was going to give you a link to Johnnie Walker's web site - but it's not agreeing with me right now. So anyway, its this scotch tasting. They fed us and gave us a free cocktail beforehand. Then we went into this large curtained off area with projection screens on all 4 sides and stark white lounge seating. We got to sample every label of the Scotch blends that make up Johnnie Walker's family of liquor. My 2 favorites were the Gold and Blue label. Actually the Gold Label reminded me of Patron Tequila and the Blue Label was just absolute heaven. It was a bit cheesy with a host and projections inter-spliced to announce each label; and there was definitely not enough Walker for us - but it got us giddy for the rest of the evening.

While munching on mini pizzas and quiche and enjoying Red Zingers (Johnnie Walker red label, sprite and lime juice) my cohort and I noticed a younger man sipping on some scotch on the rocks. And really sipping is exaggerating because this bloke was actually pretending to sip. As Loretta so aptly put: "there are old men sitting at the tables with empty scotch glasses, one of them even ate his ice because he loved scotch that much" and this young hip dude couldn't drink his Johnnie Walker. When they herded the crowd into the tasting room we were asked place our glasses on the tables. Young hip bloke leaves behind a FULL GLASS of Walker on the rocks. I took photographic evidence but alas, I'm using a 35mm camera again so instant satisfaction for you! I will put the picture up when it becomes available. The point being - young boys need to be real men and drink their scotch whisky like they mean it. Girls notice! =)

35mm is annoying. Digital cameras are a godsend. I can't look at the picture I've just taken. My autofocus doesn't work in low-lit areas. I can't delete bad pictures. To make a long story short - this house is devoid of working Digi-cams, and we are suffering for it. Thanks for my "whine of the day"
~Till Next Time Kittlings.


Scott said...

I think I like Ange's nickname of "Danger" Wegener better. :)

Mary E. Brickthrower said...

Dios Mio. You do not F*** with The Jesus.

Sean's review is my favorite review of this silly column.