Texas Chainsaw Massacre / Death Race 2000 / Inland Empire / NaNoWriMo Finale / X-mas Gift Ideas!

Last week I took the time to eat turkey and visit Goddard's lovely family. I fell in love with their 4 ft Ball Python named David and now want one for Christmas. I'm totally serial kittlings.

And here I am, full of film and food, ready to lay down some knowledge in regards to some classic horror, classic violence, and Neo-Classic Eccentricity. Oh its the most wonderful time of the year!

TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE (directed by Tobe Hooper). Um...why hadn't I watched this movie until 2 days ago? This is THE classic American horror film. And this is coming from a HALLOWEEN franchise FREAK! Rob Zombie and many others have used this film as a primer if not a traceable plot. Oh - that 1st kill scene, that metal door!!! What a infinitely creepy film, so so superior to the laughable remake whose only positive was how smokin' hot Jessica Biel looked in a straw cowboy hat, dirty jeans and THAT WIFE BEATER!

Yet I digress; We had an issue with our Netflix copy of TCM but I was able to finish the film tonight and was glad I had eaten dinner before watching the rest of the film. Even if you're not a horror fan, you should watch this movie. You will not regret it. And if you've seen it, isn't it time to brush off the copy and re-watch it? Just in time for the holidays!

DEATH RACE 2000 (directed by Paul Bartel) This movie will soon be a remake starring Jason Statham and directed by Paul Anderson. No, not that Anderson. The one that did EVENT HORIZON. Anyway, I'm talking the 1975 Roger Korman-produced gore-fest which turns out to be quite an interesting ride. An early film for both actors David Carradine and Sylvester Stallone, it reminded me of Robocop or Starship Troopers in violence, gore and satirical message. Robocop and Starship Troopers are WAY more interesting though. DR2000 is only 1 hour and 18 minutes long and my boy Goddard couldn't stay up EITHER time we tried to watch it. Nuff said.

INLAND EMPIRE (directed by David Lynch) From almost the very first scene, I felt as if I was watching Lynch pay homage to himself and his other films with INLAND EMPIRE. It was either that or just a beautiful enigma that fits like an awkward glove (as par for the course with Lynch's movies). So on edge with eerie, yet so delightful in its confusion.

Having a boyfriend as theater tech, Ze Brickthrower has begun to notice when stage and lighting comes into play within films, and so I particularly enjoy the "bunny stage scenes" as I'll call them - which are reminiscent of both the Philly Fringe Festival as well as the Sylvania Family toys of my youth.

I have never been too thrilled with Laura Dern ever and yet I see why Lynch chooses her again and again. She acts with everything she has and is easy to watch. I have had a crush on main actor Justin Theroux ever since his stint on HBO series 6 FEET UNDER (and a 1 or 2 eppy thang on SEX AND THE CITY too!) and I think he is just conceited enough to play his character correctly. Even if he does look like a short man, I can see the prowess he exudes.

Any movie with Jeremy Irons automatically goes up in awesomeness a notch. The handheld camera style is fresh; it does not seem "BLAIR WITCH" or "REALITY SHOW" yet simply real. My favorite concept within the film is the scene changes. Let me explain - the plot in a nutshell is that Dern and Theroux are actors, filming a "cursed" movie of sorts with Irons directing them. The audience is given the guide of a fade out/fade in but twice I was fooled by scenes within scenes of the film being filmed in the film. You follow me? I hardly do.

An 3 Hour long film that is well worth the time. Do I know what it all means? Probably not - but I have me theories and will be watching it again to further research them. Won't you do the same?

Do you know a geek like me? Here are some gift ideas for the upcoming X-mas / Hannukah Holidaze:
-Games that interact with the TV like JEOPARDY, MEGAQUIZ, etc.
-Wallet and accessories by CUPCAKE CULT - too cute!
-HARRY POTTER themed scarves (Slytherin is my boy personally)
-Scarves, hats, arm-warmers, fingerless gloves and any other winter accessory item that is cute and preferably had skulls
-Old video games like MORTAL KOMBAT ANNHILATION and other fighting games
-DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION (with foam mats)
-Cute Change Purse
-LOMO camera - Urban Outfitters is carrying a sick amount of Lomo cameras, all of them are awesome. Lomo's make everyone look like a pro.

So as NaNoWriMo draws to a close, I can only say that I barely broke 11,000 words. I do not have any semblance of an actual novel; only scenes here and there that don't really coagulate. Lesson learned; I am not a novel writer. But I do still have this idea that I'm an editor or would really like to be. And I have been sorta given the unofficial official title of "editor chick" for an upcoming FOO (that would be FRIENDS OF OEMING) anthology. More details to come ! But just think of all the talent Oeming knows! It could get crazy!

Enjoy your weekend. ~Till Next Time Kittlings.

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